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Default Re: 6 v lighting systems

Why not buy a light from me and be done with it. I now have them for $24.95 and $4.00 for shipping to the lower 48 states.
This is my new light the mount fits "1dia bars. comes unpainted so you can make it any color you want very little sanding to finish use can use model car paint or auto paint. Comes with a micro switch wired up and ready to go. Switch is mounted in the side. In this photo I do not have the switch installed I can either mount the switch or you can, same for the mount. I also have a 7/8" dia. mount its a little different.
this is for 1" dia bars

this is the light with the 7/8" dia. mount and is a different style.

taillight picture

Still on the works and will be for sale soon the Tombstone light.

I also sell a taillight for $10.00 if you buy the headlight. Or I can sell just the taillight for $12.00 and $3.00 for shipping. I will sell the headlight and taillight together for $34.50 and $4.00 for shipping.
PM me if you interested I take cash,money order if you want to pay by PayPal add $2.00
I have been using this light set up for 2 years and no problem with the ignition system I have this set up on 4 of my own bikes" Ilikeabikea" runs this light. Cruiser had this light and was amased by how bright is was but I think he sold that bike when he moved.

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