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Default 6 v lighting systems

Hello everyone,
I am at the conclusion that most bicycle lights that are easily affordable really stink .
with that said ....Those of you who are running home made lights are you running off your engine or an onboard battery?
I found some nice chrome bullet shaped lights at Wallmart.They are actually for the rollbar on a pickup but you get a pair for about 15.00,a little modification and you have a nice set of lamps.
If you want to try youll need some old flashlight lenses because the 12 v ones are a contained bulb.
a little red tape for the rear,and for now I am containing the bulbs with a piece of fuel line and a little tape untill I feel like messing with it again......Nice lights ...Cheap too!
I just want to know what peoples experience has been with running lights off of the Magneto,Id love to get rid of the drycell battery!
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