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Default Hello From Dalian, China


I am a Canadian expat living in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. I have a 90cc 2 stroke on the road, and am preparing for a tour to the city of Dandong on the border of North Korea, along with 24 friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

My engine is new. I fried my last one, using too liitle oil.

And as a newbie to 2 stroke biking, I have a couple questions. Is the "jet" the exhaust exit from the cylinder?

Should there be a tiny air intake in the gas cap?

Will a larger exhaust cylinder/pipe give me more power.

I realize that new engines need some break in time, but I'm bogging a bit (still paranoid about using too little oil so my mix may be too rich. I'll have to check the plug)

Cheers to you all,

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