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Default Re: Why we're going bankrupt...a warning to others.

Dan - the 6 years is true but is based on "how much use and reward the product gave the customer". Pretty much its relying on common sense (which is asking for trouble!)

Brussels makes and passes laws we don't even get consulted about or get to vote on. I think that amounts to the definition of tyranny! (hardly democratic eh) Hate the stinks.

Pablo - we operate on the same basis generally, with a bit of goodwill and reason. Unfortunately, that goodwill has been abused.... Bear in mind though this has only happened since xmas when everyones purse strings tightened.

WheelBender - Well petrol hasn't collapsed, but it returned to its previous levels which was still overpriced. You realise we pay our dear friends in Westminster .75p PER LITRE for the privilege of using our cars. If it wasn't for VAT and fuel duty - yes there are two charges on fuel, we'd be paying .25p a litre!
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