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Default Re: The Biggest Engine....

Originally Posted by MB-Monkey View Post
a "80cc" isn't really anywhere near 80cc's most are around 66 to 70 if you want torque at take off then a bigger rear gear will do that. Also think about a jackshaft setup like Sick Bike Parts has and a multi spped rear wheel seup from and you can achieve what your looking for
...but if i use a gear for good take off,then im sacrificing top end? oh,and i would love to run the jack shaft kit from sick bike parts,but this is on a occ stingray and i think the crank is too far to the front to make one work(given the fact i would have to go and find the occ stingray 3 speed rim to make this worth the effort).thats alot of chain to run from the jack shaft to the front crank.kinda make me nervous to think bout if that broke loose on my not ruling out the idea of a jackshaft/shifter kit,i would love to do that.but right now the cost of it is outside of my pocket book. im having a hard enough time right now trying to find some free apehanger handlebars and some kind of seat post to move my seat back for free.
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