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Default Re: The Biggest Engine....

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
Couple of things.

Think gearing when you talk about rider weight. These are not motorcycles so don't expect too much from any small engine.

What do the moped/motorized bike laws in your state say about engine size?
Illinois laws don't like the anything over 50cc,but that doesn't bother me cause i know the cops aren't gonna waste their time impounding my bike just to find out its displacement, i realize the 80cc isn't stamped '80cc' and its hard to tell the difference between one and a 50cc. ill go as big as i can as long as i can conceal it from the cops and it will fit.i just don't want to buy an engine to find out i blew it up trying to maintain speeds around 30mph so im not getting run over by cars.
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