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Default Hello. From California. Motor bicycle W.I.P.

Hello everyone. Hmm, I don't really know where to start. About six months ago, I bought a 1966 Yamaha Yg1 off craiglist for 400 bucks. I didn't know much about motorcycles and the bike didn't work but I figured I learn through messing around with it. I worked on it for about a month before I got began work on a film that ended up consuming all my free time. The film premiered last friday and my bike is still sitting in the garage. In febuary I realized that I wouldn't really be able to work on the bike.

Sorry how disjointed all this is, I just am typing as I think.

So anyways, about a week ago, I was just wandering around the internet click on random links from the various sites I visit often. Somehow I ended up seeing a picture of a derringer motor bicycle. I read all about this thing because I just thought it was the coolest looking bicycle/motorcycle thing I had seen. 2000 dollars. I don't have that. I started looking into motor bicycling in general and that quickly led me to this forum. after reading about motor bicycles, I came to the conclusion that with relatively little work[compared to fixing up a 40 year old motorcycle] I could have a little motor bicycle to call my own.

Everything that I read made it seem like putting together something that looked like a derringer would cost around 600-800 dollars. That I had. I started researching the motor. After reading a lot of the threads on this forum, I went with the USA bike motors 80cc black motor.

I knew i wanted a track racer look so, I started looking at frames that would fit that look. I looked on Craigslist and eBay for a few days, and while I found things I liked, I just couldn't decide on one frame. And then, i found a felt 1903 bicycle[ridden twice] for 290 dollars.

I think this is a beautiful bicycle. It looks so classy. So streamlined. Everything just fits so nicely. And then I thought, man, I'm gonna have to put that ugly hump tank on top of this awesome looking frame.

I figured, this bicycle looks so nice, someone must have used it for a frame. Found one, but the guy had cut the frame up and then welded the holes shut and then welded the whole thing back together. I don't know how to weld and I don't know how to paint a bicycle to look like its never been welded. there goes that idea. Then I found manaox2 and HBLOCAL. This seemed like a good way to go. I bought the bicycle the next day for 250. This is pretty much where I am at right now.

I've have...
the felt 1903 bicycle.
A gas cap and bung
The Motor kit.
A 3 speed coaster brake hub and a front drum brake hub are on the way.

I drilled the gas cap hole today. I then JB welded the front tube. Now it's drying out.

Sorry if that was too long.
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