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Default Re: HAIL! from California.

thanks for reading the blog... I write conversationally and it isn't what publishers want. I have a ton of novels laying about and the blog will probably become one as well. Yeah I'm a republican but Hilary Clinton and I have something in common when we do fiction it sounds real. LOL..

check in on the blog now and then it might get interesting but to be honest I write a day at a time and have no idea where it is going.

Yes since I threw a chain and made pasta of my spokes I would like to know about the wire thing as well. I'm running a 24 spoke kids 20" rear wheel on the old Transylvainia Chopper and I need to stiffen it for sure.

I'm going to run the same wheel on the Weed wacker when I finally get the parts in and if I can make it run. Welcome again and I think one of the neet things about this site is that we are a community of experimenters. AND we share....
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