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Default Re: Bought a 4 stroke kit from BikeBerry

At first all I could imagine was what would happen during vibration, then I read the pdf. Sounds like it could be an option, thank you.

Thought about it, but I have to fill that gap. Using inner tube...or any sheet rubber would be just as much fun as using coke cans. BTW, don't they say we should not use rubber between pieces as it promotes damage due to vibration? Thanks for the idea.

PVC....I'm familiar with working PVC. Made bows, slingbows, bike racks, plant holders and a slew of other things. I think, that since I am familiar with PVC, I will attempt this way first. We are expecting our first storm to get here tomorrow late afternoon and go for 3-4 days. Means I can work in the garage without too much interruption.

Yeah, aren't those welds something else? lol.

Thanks folks for the input, I'll let ya know how it goes and see about posting a pic or two of the process so others might benefit.

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