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Default Bought a 4 stroke kit from BikeBerry

and their delivery was quite fast. Received it in 4 days. I haven't had a large block of time to actually sit down and put everything together yet...but today was supposed to be the 'engine mounting plate' install. Boy oh's the pics...

See the gap between the stay/tubing and the mounting plate in the first two photos. The third one is just of the mounting plate sitting where it was going to be mounted.

So what do I do about that gap? The bike is a Huffy Cranbrook. Don't think I can eat away enough metal from the mount so the ends sit flush against the stay/tube as the metal ain't thick enough for that kinda fix. I've read about folks using soda cans as shims, but unless someone wants to tell me how to progressively make them smaller so they fit properly.....Any other suggestions?

I wanted to build my first bike from a kit, and not have to go out of those boundaries if I could help it. Unless I can come up with a different way, the only other real idea I have is to weld a piece of angle iron on each side of the stay/tubing and use that as the building block for the engine to mount to.

Looking for other alternatives.

Thanks folks
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