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Default Re: GT2-A Style Frames

Tyler, it is odd why everyone is out of stock that I have checked with. Mind you i haven't checked everywhere. I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy a couple more when I could get them pre-painted and free shipping at only 140.00 each. I can't seem to get any info as to why the sudden shortage. Maybe KC has some insider knowledge? My imagination is running wild with speculation. Perhaps a new redesign... Perhaps the mfg. has stopped production for one reason or another, or something more sinister? /lol I was thinking on getting the polished Gasbike
Version but the tank seems pretty fuggly in my op and I haven't heard of anyone using it yet and hate to regret it. The tank on that one is not rounded and flatter and straighter.
If anyone knows what happened to the gt2 frames please chime in.
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