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Default Re: GT2-A Style Frames

Bobby---Well, I'm putting that engine on it, I guess I will take it to the race. I definately want to build something that can go faster than my current bike but it will be for driving around town too. If you have a GT frame you want to sell bring it tuesday and I will check it out.

ZipTie--Yeah, I'm in no hurry but everyone seems to be out of stock on the GT2-S anyhow. I'm tempted to order 10 from alibaba and then selling 9 of them on e-bay or something but I guess I can wait. However, if they never get it in stock I just might do that, I'm sure I could make enough to get 1 for me for free, it would just take a little time. Anyhow, I certainly don't mind taking my time to get all the parts that I want. I was watching this video about problems mounting on a frame with a pedestal mount. It kinda scared me against it although I'm sure it will be fine 90% of the time.

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