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Default Re: GT2-A Style Frames

Some of the original gt2a skyhawk frame suppliers are all out of stock now? Seems to be a bit of a shortage for some reason. Mz Miami had the best prices on grubee frames but they are discontinued there at least for now...As i have heard. I do not know why. So grubee frames prices are up. Gas bike seems to be the cheapest now on that style frame as far as I have researched. i would not be discouraged in getting the pedestal mount. You can always saw it off for a 4 stroke. So a few guys in a hundred got a crooked mount is not the majority. Mine were perfect. Anyhow the gt style frames are awesome if your not in a hurry to build it, as finding all the parts ala carte takes time, but you get what you want in the end. I love my gt2a builds...go for it.
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