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Default GT2-A Style Frames

I'm interested in getting one of these frames with a built in gas tank like a GT2-A or a similar frame for a new build. I'm looking for recommendations from those who have built on any of these frames. I will be using a ported and balanced 69cc 2 stroke engine with a KX65, KX80, RM80, or KTM65 expansion pipe but everything else is wide open. Probably going to go with a cruiser single speed rear hub but nothing is written in stone yet. I noticed that the GT2-A has a pedestal front mount where as the GT2-S doesn't. I figure the pedestal front mount is designed for 2 stroke engines and not having it there makes it easier to mount a 4 stroke, is that correct? Are there any problems with the pedestal mount? Are there any other real differences between the GT2-A and the GT2-S? Also, I was looking at the Grubee Aluminum GTS and the Gasbike one here, are these 2 the same? How do these rate against each other in terms of strength? Bikeberry has one that looks like the GT2-A in black is that it? Also, Kings sells the these basic 3 designs here. And Bicycle Motor Works sells one which looks like the Grubee one here. Are any of these better or worse than the others? Or perhaps you recommend a better one. Does anyone custom build them or are they all China specials? Are there any tricks to building on these frames or anything I need to watch out for? All responses are appreciated!
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