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Default Re: HAIL! from California.

Yes! Unbelievably more stable!

if you have super thin spokes, you need to get the thicker spokes like the ones used on any regular bike, use a good 20 gauge galvanized steel wire and solder or glue.

tying the spokes will allow you to take on potholes without fear of making a taco of your rim, actually the walls will bend before the wheel gets oval.

tying also keeps you from having to true your rims as often. maybe 1 instead of 3 times without during the same time frame.

my sprocket chain fell into the bike while riding got stuck on the spokes. nothing happened, didnt even need to retrue.

zip-ties do absolutely nothing except hold the spokes once they break, needs wire

I'll take pictures and find out how to post them

I put the kit together I first tried to keep the original super thin racing spokes, with thin copper wire salvaged from speaker cable to tie the spokes. well.... my derailuer, and chain tensioner got caught in the spokes and they snapped like spagghetti sticks.

Oh and deacon I read your blog and I actually thought it was real. Man I thought "this guy has the most interesting life" then I figured out it was fiction but man your writing style is entertaining. Have you gotten published.
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