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Default Re: 2nd kit in 6 years

It's ALIVE!!
Used old NT carb because I knew it was working. Poorly but working.

Old muffler because I had bent it to tuck in tighter.

Used old clutch cover assembly. Because I couldn't find the screw for tgr built in cable stop. Then it occurred to me, it's probably the one in the cable stop on the clutch wire.

Didn't want to start took off air cleaner to spray starting fluid. In the process broke it. Hence the new low profile look. I really had it on there. Had jiggling off trouble. Still no start, so I swapped my NGK B7HS with whatever was in the kit. Nothing. Swapped to my Old head. Then it ran!

I do have a question. It was revving out of control. By the time I got the screwdriver and was turning, what I think is the idle screw. It sounded like it was going to blow. So I killed it. I'd like to confirm that the idle screw is the one next to the primer and which way turns down the idle?

( couldn't post pics from mobile. I'm sure you can just don't know how)
Building 2nd kit in 6 years. Cheez this time. 1st one was a DAX.
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