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Originally Posted by Agreen View Post
So you have 3 separate levers? Or do you use a coaster for the rear?
Two of my bikes have rear coasters, one has rear rim brakes. But I've built and owned several others with rim or coaster brakes on the rear. After some riding you automatically adjust to reaching for the right lever. On the coaster brake bikes I set them up to brake the front wheel on the right and have just the clutch lever on the left.
On rim brake bikes the left handlebar shares the clutch and rear brake.

Sounds confusing, I know, but you'd be surprised how quickly you adjust to switching your fingers to pull brakes or clutch. I typically pull in the clutch when approaching a stop, lock it in, then switch my fingers to pull the brake lever.

Once you've used disc brakes you'll see how superior they are to any other type. You develope a certain riding/braking style with front disc brakes. Slowing and coming to a stop you tend to use both front and rear but with far less pressure on the front brakes because they are so much more effective than the rear brakes no matter what type.

Your front brakes are always responsible for roughly 70% of your braking. Trying to adjust in that much bias with a dual pull lever is nearly impossible. And, it doesn't take into account differing surfaces. I like to make that determination for myself.

As I said, the folks who use dual pull like them. They just aren't for me.

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