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Good start, but can I make a suggestion?

Shorten the bolts that you have through the housing so there's just enough thead protruding to get a stainless steel Nylok nut on. Better yet, stainless acorn nuts. Stainless so you can buff them up to a chrome-like shine.

I realize the wingnuts are probably so you can adjust/aim the headlight but they aren't very attractive. You could leave the acorn nuts just loose enough to move the light to where you want it then disassemble the light and tighten them after the light is aimed.

I know you don't have a triple tree fork but take a look at page two of this old build thread. It's an example of how I mounted a headlight. It might help explain what I suggested above. See posts # 13 & 18

Just tossing out an idea.

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