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Default Re: Slow project, so in the mean time...

i like it motojoe, Ive done woodworking and building things all my life also, my dad owned a small local construction business, build log homes and anything else you can imagine, custom cabinets, wood stoves, rock fireplaces, and the list goes on...

I haven't done as many of these projects on my own, but have been involved and done my part in a lot of it, I learned welding from him since he also had a welding truck and worked for the railroad for a while and did oil patch welding also, I have learned a lot of things from him including my limited knowledge of running a lathe and mill... the crafty and inventive gene runs strong on both sides of my family so it no wonder many of us are creative and prone to be tinkerers like myself, very enjoyable way to live life in my opinion, very happy to have had so many good things handed down to me, just wish I could soak it all in better

I have some crazy ideas that I just never have time to deal with so I just keep most of my bike stuff simple so I can get a few things done quickly, full time work to earn a living really limits hobby time for me.

Im gonna build those saddle bags though, it may be a while but Im gonna try to squeeze it into the mix asap.
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