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Welcome back...

Keep in mind that the Honda GX200 and the Predator are not the exact same engine, the older HF Grey Hound which was an Identical clone of the GX200 could interchange every part with the Honda GX200, but the Predator is a 212cc engine while the Honda is a 196cc engine, Harbor Freight and/or the Chinese manufacturers got in a jam with Honda for the identical cloned engines, Ya know the copy right stuff.... so now even though the predator looks the same basically, it isn't and many of most of the internal parts wont interchange with the Honda engines.

The link I'm placing here below will take you to some fellas that really know these engines and have performance parts for them, just look to the left of the page and first list of parts is for the GX160 which is the 5.5HP Honda engine and the GX200 which is the 6.5HP Honda engine.
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