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Default Re: Slow project, so in the mean time...

That is a really nice bike there but you'll have your work cut out for you if you decide to motorize it with that frame... I had a mongoose Y frame with dual suspension and it was an excellent bike until someone stole it from me at work... they ripped off the lock cable when I was at lunch and I thought I must have left it on my toolbox, then when I got back to my toolbox I noticed it wasn't there. Then instead of taking the bike home with me, I had a friend on second shift that would use it and keep an eye on it so I told him to keep it parked where he could see it but he called in sick the next night and I didn't know he wasn't coming in so instead of him getting it and using it it got ripped off. I thought he was pulling a prank and hiding it from me but next time I saw him he was asking me if I took the bike home or was hiding it, we compared notes and that's when I knew someone else got it and ripped it off.
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