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Default Re: What are the contents of you'r tool kit

Originally Posted by brisbane_boy View Post
hey fairracing. I see you have got a chain clip. this is a good idear but what tool do u use to put the clip on?
I hav always used needle noise pliers but u dont have any there??

Yer i will be just making a small tool kit wen i recieve my new bike.
I do have pliers, but I have never needed them to change or remove the master link. I just use my fingers and a screwdriver.

Some do not like to use a master link, I do. If something ever happens to my motor I want to be able to remove my chain so that it will be easier to pedal. You could always remove the chain from the sprockets but the it will be stuck there and always a chance of it getting wedged somewhere and causing more problems.

They say it is a weak link, EXACTLY! If the chain is going to fail thats where it will fail and is a simple fix on the road. I actually carry a few master links, just do not have it in the pic.
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