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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

Chemical composition and special additives have a lot to due with how well an oil lubricates also.

Just judging from how it looks when pouring into fuel, the Opti2 doesnt look any thicker than any other 2 smoker oil to me and as a matter of fact I have a few quarts of Kawasaki 2 stroke oil that looks as thick as SAE 40w non-detergent and it's not recommended for 100:1 mix as far as I know and the Maxima 927 Castor is a lot thicker than the Opti2 also.

Now after all of them are mixed with gasoline things may change, I've just always been under the impression that Opti2 amd the other oils that are recommended for the 100:1 mix are so because they have been formulated with special additives so that they have a strong film strength even at such a small oil to fuel ratio.

The test you suggested would be cool to do Dave, just to see how different oil and fuel mixes act in a test like that.
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