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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

I would compare it to another well known good oil and see what the viscosity difference is... I have a hunch that the Opti2 is more like a concentrate and it's thicker than most oils so at 100:1 it would be about equal to let's say maybe Koltz running at 32:1 or 40:1.

One could test this theory by making a simple viscosity cup, which is basically a funnel with a small hole on the end, the ones I've used for mixing automotive paints with are actually calibrated like a carb jet is... but anyway, with the viscosity cup made, we would need a sample of the fuel mixed at 100:1 with the Opti2 and the fuel mixed at let's start at 50:1 with the "other brands". The next step is to make sure we have equal amounts in a small container, then pour the mix thru the viscosity cup and see how long it takes for let's say 3 ounces of mix to go thru the cup (you can vary the sample size to get an accurate reading which may require more fuel in your sample). Once you get a time for the Opti2 at 100:1 then do the same with the other mixes at the different ratios.

If I'm right on this, the Opti2 will have a very similar time to the other brands mixed at their recommended ratios, but if not, then the Opti2 mix will go thru the viscosity cup faster than the other mixes.

To get these readings as accurate as possible I'd say we would need something to make the cup out of like a small metal funnel and then solder a carb jet to the end to slow down the flow enough to get a decent reading, but not make it so slow it would take more than about 30 seconds to run whatever amount thru it.
Then a metal or glass measuring cup since we need to start each test with the same amount of fuel mix, and something to contain the mix as it's poured thru.
Next a stopwatch is needed.

Once someone gets a recording to what ratio the Opti2 equals out to, then we could say for normal everyday use, run 100:1 but for racing it needs to be 50 or 75:1 etc...
Also knowing this, one can easily use a different oil and know what ratio to mix it at if they run out of their favorite brand and want to go for a ride.

this is the only way I could think up on how to compare these 100:1 mix oils like Opti2 and Amsoil, and I think there may be a few others out there that mix at the higher ratios too. Too bad one of my friends down here don't still work in the oil test lab at E G&G /Southwest Research or I could just give him a few samples and get the results back in a few days, but they tested not only the viscosity, but the lubricity of the oil and how well it could protect your engine. Back when he was still working there we found out the best engine oil for the cars was Valvoline Racing for dino oil and Amsoil for synthetic, right under Amsoil was Mobile1... and Redline was like number 8 on the list.
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