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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

something else that I've thought about before related to the Opti2 oil is this.

Those of us who use it and know how well in performs @ 100:1 mix have a lot of faith in it because of its good track record in our engines so I'm wondering why we wouldn't also think that if the oil is so good at 100;1 why would it not be an excellent oil to use @ 20:1 - 25:1 - 32:1 for those applications that need more lube like the very high temp high rpm condition of racing and long full throttle runs?

I've never run Opti 2 at say 32:1 but I know I've seen post here where people had done it and I think some of us have kinda scolded them for it and said they should run it at recommended mix which actually varies depending on how you by Opti2 the small packets are actually a 72:1 mix if I remember right and then the larger packet is 100:1, I never really understood this myself but never had any issue running it either way.

Just thinking that if Opti2 is so good at protecting @100:1 why wouldn't we think it would be excellent protection @ 25:1 or 32:1 under extreme conditions?
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