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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

quick note on opti2. i love the stuff on my street bikes. i run them hard all day without worries. .

but racing with it was a different story. i blew pistons apart on a regular basis. on the street, you hear noises and you stop. the bike gets a break at lights, traffic, or parked at the liquor store.

on the track? a ten lap race at the grange gokart track is roughly 15 miles of full throttle, over revving torture, usually in hot weather. if my exhaust falls off i don't stop. if it makes grinding noises, i push it harder. the only thing that matters is crossing the finish line. if a brand new, fully modded engine makes it till the end of the day, it's a success, no matter what place i finish.

one race i crossed the finish line, shut the bike off in the pits, and it was seized when i tried to start it again. just melted the piston to the jug.

i run klotz oil at 20:1 now and the same engine's made it thru three races so far.
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