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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

Yeah. The quart and gallon size premixes are a bit pricy if you ride long distances, but for racing or high speed runs, or if you need the extra octane either because of the heat, high compression, or too much timing advance etc its nice to have another alternative. Too bad we cant easily set the ignition timing or we could advance the timing and run racing fuel when needed then retard it back to run 92 or 93 octane premium for normal everyday use.
There are formulas for boosting pump gas octane to a more respectable level cheaply in here tho if someone does want to run a higher compression ratio by adding toluene or xylene so racing fuel premix wouldn't really be needed either, but this stuff should only be done by people who know what they're doing and use proper safety gear while mixing, and the stuff needs to be used rather quickly after its mixed up, the shelf life is only about a week at best, kinda like methanol which has to be used the same day it's mixed and then the fuel system needs to be purged out afterwards because of its corrosive and destructive properties...
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