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Default Re: Fat tires

I was actually looking at the Dolomite as a cantidate for motorizing, but quickly scratched the idea after doing my small frame MTB and the Dolomite's frame is even smaller so squeezing a China Girl in there without cutting and welding would probably be impossible, but it does look great as an E-bike. Of course, if the frame is strong enough, cutting out a space for a Morini/ DeNardi, or KTM or it's clones type engine and making a mount loop would look awesome with those huge tires too.
That Surly build is exactly what I was thinking for a trials type torque monster...
Soooo... Has anyone figured out how to make a dependable 2 wheel drive system yet sorta like a Rokon copycat motorized bike? now that would be cool as a slow moving torque monster if it could be done reliably.
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