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Default Re: Is it wrong?....

Simple if you know the parts you must take care to service them before the break and need replace. My problem is ordering the correct parts. Once to often it take 1/3 the price of the part to send it back if it's incorrect. So anyway I've inserted a picture of a 1/8'' access to get a drop or two oil in the gear securing the jack shaft on this kit. It's something I should have done earlier most don't I'd guess but it took ten minuets with an 18 volt drill to make an 1/8'' access which can be capped. The kit's don't provide some of the features you may prefer but overall the 2 stroke kit is likely the least expensive and the lesser expensive shift kit is probably as good as the one I've got at about half the price. Personally if I can lock the 3 speed Nexus I'm working on to make it start easy and downshift I'll save on expensive brakes as well as grant the little smoker an RPM range that will be tough to keep up with and more efficient. The 4 stroke is nice too tough choice.
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