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Default Re: Fat tires

I was going to say the same thing about the lack of contact pressure which could make the fat tires worse than better... especially on sand covered pavement where you got a slippery or instable surface on top of a solid surface, the thinner tires can sink to the stable surface but the fat tires will tend to float on top of this.

Now on the flip side, the fat tires will have an advantage over thin tires if you ride in sand or snow that's deeper because of the floatation qualities, you have less contact pressure to provide traction, but you gain floatation to keep the tires from sinking into the sand or snow which allows the bike to ride right on the surface.

Now on dry pavement, the added contact area will give an advantage for slick tires, but that advantage quickly goes away if the pavement is wet or covered in sand or mud due to the lack of contact pressure, but when dry, the extra surface is nice.
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