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Default Re: Is it wrong?....

Thanks guys, you make me feel goods and such

I am trying to change my outlook on such projects, usually I wind up with a cobbled together piece of crap because I rushed and half-assed it, resulting in loss of interest.
Who would ride a piece of junk? :P

I work with a guy who takes his time finding every part he wants to make his bicycles (human power only) exactly the way he wants it. He has taken up to four years!

I admire that in doing so he gets the results he planned out in the beginning. I am similar as far as budget goes and seeing him snipe out the perfect pieces makes me want to exercise patience (for once)

I have to find smaller things to occupy the waiting periods between part buying. Plus, I have had to start buying tools, so that distracts from parts haha.

Anyway, rant over! Thank you for your words of wisdom
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