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Default Re: Is it wrong?....

Sorry, I didn't have time to read the whole thread about your ATV engine. First page sure looked interesting, though, and I'll catch up when I get the chance.

But it sounds like you're feeling just a bit down because this project is going to take a while and you're feeling the itch to ride. That's about it, right?

Why not invest in a china girl and build it during the winter? It can actually be ready much earlier than spring. And if you get a break in the weather, you might be on the road in no time.

Then you can turn to your 4 cycle build.

Be warned, though!

You might end up spending too much time on two different bikes. I've got no answer for that. I'm stuck in the same situation.

But I also don't care very much. If I weren't doing this, then I'd be doing something much more ordinary.
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