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Default Re: My motorbicycle life story ( missed out some)

Okay. Here's my advice:
Stop using stainless steel for your mounting bolts/studs. Stainless is no good compared to regular steel for fatigue resistance (Stretchability) Bolts stretch when tightened, and stainless can only do it once. Like Aluminum, Stainless steel work hardens from any stretch or bending and fails. It needs to be the proper alloy for use in bolts and very little of the stainless hardware you find locally is the correct alloy since the PROPER stuff is extremely expensive.
Get yourself some good grade 5 bolts (grade 8 is overkill in aluminum) and save the stainless for dress up and corrosion resistance.
As far as your bike tale goes, Some engines are just hot right from the box and it sounds like your brother got lucky. Might have been one of the rare RICO motors which always seemed to scream compared to the usual chinadoll. (Personally, I think they had marginally better cranks and MUCH better magnets)
But the reverse is also true. Sometimes you just get a lemon that never runs as strong as it should. If you suspect you have a bad one, try swapping the magnet for a known good engine part and see what happens. The keyway (which controls timing) is a crap shoot with timing coming in all over the place due to inconsistent Chinese "quality"
If you get a good one, treat her right.
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.

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