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Default My motorbicycle life story ( missed out some)

Hey folks,
Gotta say i love this site, im literally on it all the time, love that google search bar on the home page as it caters to this site and needs of many people here. 2door,gearnut, lordvader, venice, huffy, rogerdron1 (sp??) Sorry just trying to remember all you guys off the top of my head and im missing a few more really taleneted bike builders but yeah, i watch you guys like a hawk. You also make me laugh my ass off sometimes. But yeah, just wanna really say thanks for all your great ideas and help along the way as ive never posted before but am on here ALOT. I just hate typing. Okaaay, now for my story

Im a bike builder, built 5 bikes, (o˛oooo!!!ahhhhh!!!) .. i know... fancy, but im into modding and all that jazz to keep it fast and make it last. First engine with no experience of motors lasted me 3 months(snapped 3 engine mounting studs and was wondering why my speed would rise and fall, so i gave up and shelfed my bike for 2 years) lol. I wasnt going to let this happen again, so i bought two engine kits.. pretty good ones too. Within the first week i snapped an engine mounting stud and i swear i cried. I was pissed! Between me and some really helpful buddies who just moved in next door to me at the time, they helped me drill out the broken stud, retap the hole and (great idea coming up...)buy a length of stainless steel threaded rod which we cut to size and i ended up changing all 4 mounting studs. Best friggin idea ever.. .....for awhile.. ill get to that inna bit.. so the second kit i bought went on my brothers frame.. just some old straight p.o.s. he painted flat black.. we had it running nice for a few weeks and his studs were changed as well. Then the same guys that told me to use the threaded rod, told my brother to put in diesel as it has conditioners in it (just barely any but still) . He smoked all the way home lol and had a **** of a time getting his bike started for weeks lol. Dummy.
Well then those neighbors introduced him to the speed nt carb. He gained significant hp and speed and i was pissed.. i mean who wants their littler, less inexperienced brother to go faster then them right. So i went and bought a speed carb too.. he still went faster. And almost 2 years of mee tinkering with my engine and carb i still could not beat him. I was pissed. So i went and bought a banana pipe, wait for it in the mail... get it...and FU9K it wont fit on my style of frame!! Nothing i could do would make it fit.. so i ended up making little bro pay me for it and he put it on his bike. Oh we also got 36 tooth sprockets when we got our carbs (what a difference!!!) Anyways.. his bike.. was the fastest bike i ever saw. Hitting roughly 65kmh to 70kmh. IM NOT LYING. Straight solid rpm rise to the top no bogging. Im super duper pissed now and keep tinkering with everything i can to no avail. Weve been riding for two and a half years on theze engines i went about 50kmh. One time i went for a long journey up and down hills. I went down this hill and hit a top speed of 67.5kmh it was just singing lolol. Hit flat land and it went to 64kmh and i rode that for a good ten minutes. Yes im crazy i know. But other then that.. my bike would do 50 to 55kmh while my bro would just sail past me (so annoying).. so i bought another banana pipe knowing this was my only option to gain some rpm.. knowing it wouldnt fit on my bike... i brought it to a welding shop and made him weld a 1.5 length header on the intake of the muffler, extending it out so it would hit my pedal crank anymore.
Ive had so many issues and learning curves im so appreciative of.
Anyways i saw a more smoother low to high rpm but no real significant notice rise in top end.
So i went out and bought a dremmel, (heheh) ported my transfers, scuffed up my intake, port matched my exhaust intake to exhaust valve, made 5 new notches on the throttle pin, regreased my hubs and clutch bearing, changed to a less scratched up piston, cut a huge hole in the skull style airfilter in the back of it and made a round air intake, maybe some more stuff but MAAAN my bike was flying doing about 60kmh no problem after ten mins of warm up. My bro lmaooooo, couldnt keep up with me, after years of his torment it was great to see him get farther...and farther...and farther in my mirror...and then wait for him as he catches up with a horrible pissed off look on his face. I just laughed uncontollably and hes like no.. this aint right.. theres something wrong with my bike. ILL ADMIT.. THere was something a little "off" about it but we cojldnt figure it out.. it would speed up amd slow down and repeat, so we decided to call it a night.
We get home and low and behold i look down and his rear engine mounting stud... the nuts are off! (Rings a bell in my head and its like my first engine) so this is now current to date.
His bike sits on my balcony waiting for him to fix it (this happened a week ago) so ive been doing more tinkering.
The other day i bring my bike inside and start my mad scientist ideas going. I changed the jet in my speed carb to a one size larger jet (that i drilled out). I moved the float tang down a bit, i readjusted my clutch and was all ready to go for a nice test ride. But then i decided to go over my studs since my brothers nuts on his fell off... ... ... and first stud i tighten (back clutch side) SNAPOLAAaaa. Yeah snappity snapp snapp. My heart jumped outta my chest. It snapped clean flat off to where i couldnt get vice grips to back it out. So pissed!!! I went to crappy tire and bought a grabit bit set and a retap set jus5 in case. Lets just say the grabits didnt work on stainless steel (f...u....c..... ) sooo mad.. so i redrilled a hole directly under the snapped stud and started tapping it (threading the hole) almost there..almost theeere..SNAP goes the tap inside the nice new fresh hole.. without being able to use vicegrips to back it out. So i grab the grabit bit and try to use that on the stuck tap and SNAP .. fUC.......i literally dropped the tools, leftem on the ground and went to bed. I was like fuc this stupid chinese crap engines. Woke up the next day and started looking at some real motorcycles . A cbr125cc is pretty cheap and cool .. so i was like yeah.. ill save my money for this and stop putting money into these cheap engines...
I went out today and bought a ZB-JET80-BK lol. Yes a 2014 grey new chinese bicycle engine kit. I went home and within 3 hours i had all new stainless steel mounting studs in it. I assembled the top end of the engine (piston and all) cleaned the crankcase with brake cleaner (upsidedown) 2stroked oiled it up (nice and smooth) and had it on my bike ready to ride. Which i did.. and which i can say it kicks ass cause i know what im doing..compared to my first build. Im hitting 50kmh already but i dont wanna push it. Oh and when i changed the jet one size larger... i forgot about that while riding on my new engine tonight and was like damn this thing has some crazy torque.. but then i remembered when i got home and was like oh yeah.. it seemed to work and this thing is a hog. It seriously reminds me of a motorcycle or and enduro it has that much balls. I will post pics or a video soon if anyones interested.
Now for my advice. Change your damn studs every year of riding. Cause i have a perfectly good engine that i cant mount and it hurts my heart for the poor thing. (I need to take the crankcase apart and swap out the one side. Then she'll be happy again)
Also if your bored and want some crazy torque notch out your throttle pin a few more notches and go richer...insane. i swear i can almost do a wheely if i pulled up.
Thats my best advice but im sure im gunna hear somethin about that lol. Later been fun!
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