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Default Re: Belt driven happy time ??

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
You would be able to climb walls with the crazy gearing a belt drive would give you. From what I see in common belt drive arrangements to get the same gearing on a chain drive would mean a sprocket of well over 100 teeth. The HT engine is already well geared then add a belt drive looped around your back wheel taken off a GEBE or a whizzer and you'll be screaming at an incredible 5 miles an hour. But it will pull.
Large,'re killin' me here...and I know you know better! Think about it for a moment. It doesn't matter what the tooth count's the ratio! A 250 tooth driving cog to a 1000 tooth driven cog is a 4:1 ratio. A 10 tooth driving cog to a 40 tooth driven cog is a 4:1 ratio.

Belt or chain makes no difference! It's the ratio from the engine to the rear wheel that counts.


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