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Default Re: What's Your Bike Worth

I got mine for $45 (Australian dollars) off a bloke who was not very mechanically able. The chain tensioner had bent in towards the spokes because of all the force. The chain had fallen off and gone between the spokes and the frame, causing the back to lock up. Since I hav lots of old bikes I put new spokes in the back wheel, and my dad made a bar to stop the tensioner from bending in. Then a few months later after getting a flat tire, I was putting the tensioner back on when I stripped the thread of the main bolt. Ended up waiting two weeks for a new tensioner. $17 got be back on the road, even though all I needed was one bolt. It was the bolt for the plastic pulley though. Ive since spent $15 on a puncture resistant rear tube, and thats about it. I wouldnt sell my bike for $400. I got it for a bargain, only spending $77 all year!
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