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Default Re: What's Your Bike Worth

from my experience, most bikes will sell for about half of what you think they're worth.

labor counts as absolutely nothing to the average customer. spend a day modifying everything so you don't need a chain tensioner, and you just spent a day working for free.

design, cut, weld, seal and paint a custom, in frame gas tank, and your weeks worth of struggle might add 50 bucks to the price. compare that to custom motorcycle tank prices and you'll want to slit yours wrists. same goes for a custom pipe.

average joes see a pretty bike, but not worth more than a walmart death trap cobbled together for a couple hundred.

i got lucky with a few custom bikes and customers with deep pockets and some sense of style, but most people who can't do it themselves see a novelty toy that isn't worth much.

there's a few of you actually making a profit (at least you say you are) but the majority of sellers take what they can get. and that ain't much. especially if you have a cheap cruiser like everyone else's on craigslist.

my 40's colson cruiser i crashed on wouldn't sell after i completely rebuilt it to be better than it ever was, but sold instantly after i took the motor off for a great price.
i've built and sold a lot more motorless bicycles in
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