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Talking Re: What's Your Bike Worth

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post

Yeah, I tell people I didn't get to be a millionaire by spending lots of dough. I gots me a 2003 Taurus in the driveway.

A guy I worked with told me that I was "The Millionaire Next Door" which caused me to look it up. Yup, that's me. I didn't fall into the "middle class trap" of needing to impress people.

He drove me home on my last day of work (I retired) and when we pull up in front of my place with the ratty lawn and the sawhorse workbench on the front porch I says to him;

"Does it look like a millionaire lives here, total stealth baby"

He just busted out laughing.

Pops told me when I was young "Son, you can make a million a year but if you spend a million a year you ain't never gonna have crap"

Well he used the "S" word, but you know. Pops was a wise man -

Yeah. I've been saving dough since I was young. I didn't get to be a millionaire by spending lots of dough.
I guess the Taurus is just getting beat too death by the Sun everyday......lucky lawnmower!

EDIT: the only thing in my garage with four wheels is a "skateboard" !

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