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Default Re: Found a Sweet Engine, What Now?

Whatever you wind up with on the brakes, keep us posted. Just remember if you want more braking force with the same lever force, you need to reduce the master cylinder bore. Once you have the calipers set up, changing a master is the easy part.

I am running a 7" H4 light in a dietz style housing. Of course I have a lot of generator so running a 60w headlamp is no big deal.

I am running the two bulb stop / tail lamp with no problems. I have incandescent bulbs in it, and they hold up well.

Several people I know have killed a few LED replacement bulbs on motorcycles. Seems like vibration shakes the surface mount parts right off of the little circuit boards.

Most of that inexpensive LED stuff comes no where near the output of the original incandescent bulbs either. In a headlamp that is not as dangerous as a tail lamp or brake light. Your brake light should be clearly visible in full sun between 11am & 2pm from 300 feet away. The tail light should be visible from the same distance at sundown.

The final thing to consider is how the lights are powered. The pit bikes and some under 125cc street bikes powered the lights with AC power from the stator. This kept the lighting load off of the regulator & rectifier, and a bulb filament does not care AC or DC works. This also means that the lights are on anytime the engine is running - a very good idea.

LED replacements may not run on an AC circuit. Some run at half power. Probably best to get a wiring diagram for the motorcycle your engine came out of & see how the charging system / lighting system was connected.

My tail & head light run with the engine. My brake light runs off of the battery.

Hope that helps.
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