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Default Re: Found a Sweet Engine, What Now?

I'm interested to hear how the EFI conversion works out and if it's a good option for high performance motorized bicycles. I'm planning to EFI an electromechanically injected auto in the near future for similar reasons, EFI is ultimately tunable with the click of a mouse and the stroke of a key. Changing carbie jets isn't so bad on a bike since its usually close within a step or two of running great, and you don't need an ECU power source, but for finely tuned bikes which run differently according to the weather conditions like a spastic two stroke, and could be rejetted every single ride because of temp and baro changes, I could see efi being a way to get the most out of your motor without having to retune the main jet every time you decide to rip.

Keep it up, sounds like a fun and reliable four stroke build. I recommend a rear brake just in case you gotta swerve and clamp it down in case of emergency, since a strong rear brake upsets the bike less when you need it most, and it's the first to wear out on all of my BMX's and mountain bikes that got shredded through the years.

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