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Default Re: Need Help Painting Gas Tank

I was a spray painter for most of my life so I think I can help you. Keep in mind that you will never get the quality that a spray gun will give you. Spray bombs use a very thin paint and do not offer the ability to use a "hardener or catalyst".
That being said, Rustoleum brand paint seems to be favoured by many users. If you really want a great job you can paint it a few times, water sanding with 1000 grit wet/dry paper after each coat dries. Use a good quality Clear Coat for your last few coats. I also found that to get a dust free job, it is best to hang the tank up by it's front tip so that the gas cap is facing your nose as you stand there. I always found that if painted in the same position as it sits on your bike, you get way to much dust.
As for flames, you could get a roll of 1/8 or 1/16th wide "fine line tape" and use pics to give you ideas. Fine line tape is very thin, giving you nice crisp edges while masking tape will give you "fuzzy" , thicker edges. Remember to use a few drops of dish soap in the water if you decide to water sand. and don't forget to use a tack rag each time you are about to paint and do not press down hard as you tack off for dust, just let the rag rest on the part as you use it.

Edit; A lazy mans way of putting flames on could be to use stickers covering the whole tank in clear paint, giving it the effect of being painted on. Use lots of clear.

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