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Default new to this site

I'm new to using this site even though I've had the Scot a while I've never actually used it till recently. Last year I built quite afree bikes and learned a lot. I went fruition installing a basic kit in 8 hours to installing it on 2 with great quality. Learned a lit along the way, and of course still learning. I have a blog that I made with a bunch of my pictures up at

I have a history in automotive with some certificates, and struggling with gas for college, I built one up. Worked great, then sold out so I could build another one and experiment with it. Basically all last year I just kept building them to experiment and sold them so I could build a different one. Now I've found some interesting new parts I want to try from jnmotorsbikes with a pump style carb that uses a crank case signal , and I'll post how donavan and I figure it out.
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