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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

guys my bike is no slug lol its as modded as you can get aside from a reed valve setup cause i ran out of money during the build so i left that out lol.

my bike does 40 on a short burst with a stock 44 rear ! thats like 9,500rpms with a 26in tire! it will run WOT for extended periods of time at around 8,500 rpms and cruise like that at 35mph ! i built it for top end speed and geared it for power LOL its a strange combo to drive and it has almost no low end .... but good god once you get up in the rpms she builds power like you would not believe !!! basicaly i have to pedal up to 10mph then dump it and give it the gas this gets me out of the sluggish low end and starts the motor right before the begining of the power band. so from 15 to 35 mph she has insane power !!!

any way i was going 33 or 34 in a 30 mph zone ! over the posted limmit !!! and a car comes up behind me and gets real close and rides my ass ! i dont know why but mabey they thought because i was on a bike i was going slow and they didnt look at the speedo .... well i speed up to get them off my ass and now i am pushing 40 !!! and the car speeds up and gets up my ass again ! as this is going on we start to pass a speed limit 30 sign and i point to it and hold my arm out pointing to it as we pass it ... i guess he didnt like that lol cause he backed off my ass and then gassed it and passed me at 50mph or more on the other side of the road wile i was doing 40 !!! and then continued to drive 50+ mph down the road till he hit the red light at the end lol i pull up behind him shortly later and kill my motor, i yell out "hey you know the speed limit is only 30 right ?" he yells back F YOU ! and rolls up his window !

i hate people ! what reason did he have to pass someone already going faster than the posted limit ? it didnt get him anywhere ether lol he still had to stop at the light and wait !!!!

face palm......
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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