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Hi Huffy Cruiser,
Thank you for your response. I did drill a hole in the frame, although since then I have seen that some smart person figured out a way to use a muffler clamp for the front mount. I am glad you think the carb isn't slanted too much. I wasn't looking forward to having to move the engine.
I had been working on the bike, but then the pedal broke(stripped threads, cheesy kickstand too) and I had to wait for Huffy to send a new one. Before the pedal broke, I only had the bike running once and that was by accident. I forgot to move the petcock(which seemed to work properly when I tried it in different positions with the line in a cup) to "on" and I didn't use the tickler or the choke. Imagine my surprise when we took off. Unfortunately the bike was going like he** without any throttle. I stopped and when i pulled the clutch lever back in, the engine was roaring. I had to pop the clutch to get it to shut off, as I had already removed the kill switch. I adjusted the throttle to solve that problem and I have never got it to go since. I recently sealed the suggested areas with silicon, done none too neatly, as you can see from the picture, but I haven't tried it since then. I have been working on this beast for several months on and off and I am determined to get it to go. I have a 250cc scooter that I can use if I need to go where the speed limits are 55, but the bike would be perfect for around here, as we are four miles off the state highway. I had checked for ignition and fuel problems before the pedal broke, and if it won't start after sealing possible air leaks, I will have to go back and check everything again. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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