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Default Re: Long distance travel

well my dax 70cc takes me 20 miles round trip every day !

longest i have been was a 120 mile round trip .... 60 miles up to my dads and 60 miles back all in one day !

i can tell you this, that on long rides after you have broken the motor in.... you will begin to notoice strange sounds and wierd noises as you ride, this only happens on long rides when you listen to the sound of the motor continuasly. you start hearing things change in sound and tone and you think somethings wrong but there is nothting wrong lol you will even pull over and check her out because you will feel like its loosing power or not reving right or alll that lol it usually happens on long rides and its normal the tone of the motor will change and sound differant as yo ride but rest assure its your mind playing tricks on you and everthing is fine !

just use a real good oil and watch the tempature !

for a long distsnce ride ..... make shure the motor is broken in, then mabey a light port and polish to clean her up a lil, then a high comp head will help out with over all power if your looking for a little more and a free flowing exhaust is first on your list.

trust me with some minor porting a high comp head and a free flowing exhaust, the china girl is a joy to ride ! i cant ride a stock motor now lol i just cant stand it ! i love the way they ride rev and sound when modded

ditto on the comfie seat 2 door mentioned ! i use a avia gell seat thats verry wide and i love it ! also think about a rear rack and maybe a cargo bag ! its important that your handle bars and seat are fitted to you and are comfy, your gearing needs to be set up to make it easy to pedal when motor is off, also after every long ride check out and lube up your chains and sprockets and especialy your bttom bracket and hubs !!!!

if your useing beach cruiser as your frame you will want to keep close attention to your rear coaster hub ! cheaper ones tend to burn up after about 1,000 miles of motorbiking, mine was a walmart bike and the rear hub wore out after about 1,500 miles and squeeled .

just pull the rear hub appart and regrease it after a long ride like that your hub will thank you !
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