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Default Re: New to the whole Motorized Bicycle thing in Nevada

Thanks for the friendly replies folks. I think I'm gonna like this forum. Will post pics soon. Worked on it a little bit today. Replaced a bunch of the Chinese nuts with grade 5 and the engine case screws with grade 5 allen screws. Got the drive train pretty close to being dialed in. Did not need to use the crappy chain tensioner that came with the engine. I shortened the chain just the right amount then shimmed the back side of the engine block frame mount. Adjusted the wheel forward and backwards enough to get both chains tight without any chain contact on frame or tire. The spring loaded tensioner that's coming will do well as the chain starts stretching and coming out of adjustment a little. Winter is just around the corner so I'm in no hurry to get it up and running. Goal is to have the bike nicely dialed in and capable of 40mph by next summer. Not that I'll go that fast to often, but having too much power is kind of like too much money or too much sex. No such thing!
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