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Default Re: New Saddle for an Old Horse

Thanks everyone. I want to find some vinyl that will compliment the bike's paint. I have a friend who has an industrial sewing machine that I'm going to borrow and try to teach myself some fancy stitching. More as it happens.

yeah, those are the real deal Halibrands. They are aluminum alloy however. Real mags aren't the best choice for a street driven car. Too many drawbacks to them. The fronts are spindle mounts, no lug nuts. I heard that Halibrand went out of business. Too bad. They built nice stuff. I bought those rims, fronts and rears back in the 80s.

The rods run up through holes in the seat pan and protrude about an inch into the foam. They will never poke up far enough to matter. Those are some pretty tough springs and there isn't a lot of compression especially with my skinny butt on them. In fact even if they did they are far enough to the rear that I won't be sitting over them anyway.
I had a set of titanium caps and keepers and used two on the bottom of the springs and 3/8" shaft collars. There are pins on top that keep the springs centered around the holes the shafts go through. Here's that old build thread>
Wow, this is an old bike.

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