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Default Re: All I want for Christmas...

Hey I'm just the "Idea Man", but here's an idea: Think like a first timer the first thing they should be concerned with is mounting the rear sprocket!! I say this because this in my opinion is where chain, vibration, and other problems BEGIN and when they first start they are most likely to take the time and do it right-not after fighting Mounting The Engine which is next in table of contents and so on and so forth.

Table of Contents

1. Mounting rear sprocket (list all posts on mounting rear sprocket)

2. Mounting engine (list all relevant posts on engine mounting)

It would kinda be like the instruction manual nobody gets with their kit.

Also if we could get an exploded view of the China Girl engine with part numbers then we would be all on the same page when trying to help or explaining a problem - " Has any body got a spare #67G Kniveling Pin?"

Help me out boys & girls PUUUUULLLLL!!! Walter F.
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