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Default Re: All I want for Christmas...

Originally Posted by Walter F. View Post
Could you or somebody good at computer stuff make a new post and make like a table of contents of all the problems that a newbie will go thru during a first build. This would give them a place to go when they ask the same questions over and over." I broke a mount stud", ""my chain tensioner wont stay""My motor won't start" ect, ect. Guys we are growing and every new member has the same problems.

Then post a new thread to replace "Coaster Brake Dust cap blah"?? Can we do it? can we do it? YES WE CAN!!! Walter F.
Hello bikers, I am the newbie first time builder that walter is refering to and I must say, Walter your comment is spot on. I understand it would be a daunting task to categorize the forums posts but it would be exteremely helpful in assisting "would be" buyers and first time builders such as myself. I personally, have spent the better part of the holidays (literally the past three days but its been fun) sifting through the posts that pertain to my problems. I've also noticed a lot of threads directing fellow motorized bicycle bikers to the correct posts, maybe Walter's suggestion could cut down on frivolous posts such as these. Thanks and hope to see you on the road!
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