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Default Re: Scored a buider today.....

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
it's a middleweight bike. sears called it the spaceliner, i think. there was at least 3 different companis that offered it under their own brand. sears, murray and western flyer. i think western had the high end one that was chrome with a weird little tank and lights.

good deal for 50 bucks.
Yeah I found all this info when I was looking the bike up, mine is for sure a Western Flyer, can clearly be seen under the paint on the chain guard, seems Western Flyer used this frame for several models as well, the Strato Flyer was one, the Golden Flyer was one and then I found a few pics of a real basic cruiser with none of the fancy stuff on it, mine was originally Red in color best I can tell since there is Red Paint showing through under the blue that someone sprayed on it.

Head badge is missing which it a real bummer, maybe I'll get lucky and come across one at some point.

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